September 23, 2008

Did I forget to tell you, AirTran made me cry

So, I debated as to whether or not I should post about this.... back and forth, back and forth.... and I decided not to, but then I really wanted to -- so, I'm going to just give you the highlights.

The Big Dubya and I took the three kids to Disney on Friday, August 29th. My sister (Aunt P) her husband (Mr Tall Guy), my brother (uncle RoRo), and my mother (Granny) met us down there on August 30th. We had an amazing time and found out on our first night that superstar Olympian Michael Phelps was staying at our resort. I had hoped that he'd stick around and teach the 'lil Dubyette to swim or at least teach her and her brother to stop drinking the pool water.... but to no avail.

Anyway, the Big Dubya was running a fancy-schmancy golf tournament in early September and couldn't afford to spend the whole week with us, so he went home early -- as did RoRo and Granny. This left me, Aunt P, Mr Tall Guy and the three kiddies. We had a good time, but then... all good things must come to an end and so, it was time to go home. Aunt P and Mr Tall Guy were flying to Boston..... me? oh, me and the kids were flying back to White Plains -- so, yes -- I was flying with the three kids on my own (and I thought a trip to the mall was brave!)

We managed to get through airport security just fine -- we had a picnic at the gate.... the 'lil Dubya (3) and the 'lil Dubyette (21 mos) munched on cheez-its while I nursed baby Dubya (12 weeks). We boarded the plane, got into our seats and all was good in the world.... until a flight attendant yelled at me and I lost my shit. Long story short, I'd been given poor information by their phone people and she was telling me that I'd either have to let another passenger hold my baby or I'd have to get off the plane.

I cried
I wasn't even embarrassed about it -- I cried.

I cried and cried... I'd had enough.

I'd been brave -- the Big Dubya leaving me in Orlando with three small kids on my own didn't make me cry.... going through security with three kids on my own didn't make me cry.... getting on the plane didn't make me cry.

This bitch flight attendant telling me to give one of my babies to a stranger to hold during take-off and landing.... yep, that made me cry. And, although they all looked like lovely people, I was not giving any of my babies to a stranger to hold -- regardless of how long it would be for. And getting off the plane made no sense.... I live in Connecticut.

Other passengers were very kind.

She was just trying to do her job

She got her superior and it all worked out fine -- but yeah, AirTran made me cry

The Big Dubya was pissed and Twittered about it (is that a word? Twittered?) -- I think he was hoping for some sort of apology -- but instead, he just got comments from other people who hate AirTran.

I'm going to have to script a letter..... stay tuned.


Sue said...

Did you have both the lil Dubyette and the baby as lap kids? or did the lil' Dubyette have her own seat?

Either way, not cool making you cry!

Arwen said...

I would have gotten up and beaten them if I had been riding on the plane with you, even if I didn't know you. I get very over protective of parents with new people (three and under) on planes.

Mrs Big Dubya said...

Because I knew I'd be alone and have the baby on my lap, the 'lil Dubyette had her own seat (which I paid for) even though she's still under 2

Midge said...

You ARE brave flying with all 3 by yourself! I am so impressed. Southwest played foul once when I flew with my toddler. I cried, too. I regret never writing a letter of complaint. You go girl!

Sue said...

Then the stewardess (oh sorry, flight attendant) is an asshat for making you cry like that. What kind of bitter betty is she that she can't see you're alone with three little kids.

Remind me never to fly AirTran.

Airtran customer relations - Customer Relations 1-866-AIR-CHAT (1-866-247-2428) and follow up with a letter!

TwoBusy said...

Dubya must have blown a freakin' gasket when he heard that story. Glad to hear AirTran decided to make good, though...

And no, I can't imagine ever, under any circumstances, EVER EVER EVER flying solo with my trio. You're much braver (or far less skeptical of your children's ability to maintain some kind of reasonable composure over a several-hour period) than I am.

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