July 30, 2005

Ahhhh the joys of motherhood

Today was a challenging day...... and it occurs to me that I've been a bad mother.

I woke up this morning -- and after tending to 'lil W, I noticed that he's starting to grow eyebrows.... isn't that cute? I alerted the Big W to this wonder.... and being the dutiful husband & father, he rushed over to see. In reality, this rushing was probably more to keep me from accusing him of being disinterested, but he came right over regardless of the true underlying reason and he agreed.... eyebrows are starting to form on my baby's acne-ridden, but cute, little face.

This is where the bad mother part comes in, it occurs to me that I have an 8-week old child, and I have not been recording these little milestones.... I have no idea what date he began liking his swing, or what day he decided he was going to scream like he was beaten whenever we changed his diaper.....

Perhaps this blog can serve as not only my responses to the Big W's blog, but also a place where I can record 'lil W's achievements.....

Just to catch up on the dates I do know -- after an extended stay in the hospital (18 days) we brought him home on 6/20 -- it wasn't until 7/4 that we brought him to his first Irish pub.... he has yet been to Church, but he's been to several pubs...... (this bad mother thing appears to be a theme).


Aunt P said...

And just wait until his first trip to florida! There will be bars galore!

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