July 31, 2005

Is my baby fat?

Being a new mother.... I know my baby fairly well, but when it comes to other babies..... well, they are still very much a mystery.

My pride and joy was born at 35 weeks, he was 4lbs 7.6 oz and I know, that's kinda small. When he was discharged from the hospital at almost 4 weeks, he was still fairly small -- somewhere in the neighborhood of 4lbs 8oz, but on the upswing -- gaining almost an ounce a day. I don't know what he weighs now, but it's somewhere north of 6lbs -- we go to the doctor next week and we'll get an update.

In the beginning, when you take such a small baby out, people do stop you to ooohhh and aaahhh and then remark how small he/she is.... I chalk these people up to well-meaning and usually end up telling them.... he's small, he was born early.... he's doing fine now, thank you -- bye, bye now.

From time to time, you run into other people & their new babies. You are almost obligated to chat with these people -- it's like you are members of the same club or something.... how old is yours, how much did he/she weigh at birth? blah, blah, blah.... I imagine this is painless for most, but..... when you are the mother of a preemie, this conversation goes something like
Other Mother: Oh, how cute
Me: Yours too, isn't he/she sweet
Other Mother: How old?
Me: Eight weeks, yours?
Other Mother: Oh my Gawd, he's so cute and so tiny -- how much does he weigh?
Me: somewhere in the 6-7lb range, yours?
Other Mother: Oh my Gawd, my baby's only 3 weeks and weighs 10lbs -- is my baby fat?

At this point I want to yell out YES, your baby is F'ing HUGE -- keep it away from my petite little dainty baby -- he might get hungry and try to eat him!

Instead, I say -- oh no -- your baby's beautiful -- mine was born 5 weeks early.....

What the hell is wrong with these people... is my baby fat? For christ sake the poor little thing hasn't even been alive for a month and you are trying to give him body image issues. Of course now I have to wonder if I'm a bad monther because I'm trying to dream up ways to get our kid to eat more -- and no, not so he'll gain weight -- he'll do that on his own -- we are trying to feed him more so he'll sleep longer!!!

Bet that fat baby sleeps great


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