April 5, 2007

Anatomy of a home improvement

As has been mentioned in a few places, the Big Dubya is turning the big 4-0 in May. I asked him if he'd like a party to mark this momentous occasion, and he said no.... he'd prefer a big TV. We can't really afford to do both, so a big TV it is.... and when I say big, I mean big. If it were up to him we'd be talking about a TV like the ones they have in Times Square.

We didn't really have a suitable place to put this big TV, so we decided to stop threatening to finish the basement -- and finally pull the trigger on doing it. So, we hired a contractor and started going about the business of finishing the basement. In the middle of this project we were blessed with a daughter and because we need the space, we decided to put a spare bedroom/office in the basement (cha-ching, cha-ching) as well as a play room (a.k.a. MrBigDubya's big TV room).

As the contractor began working, he mentioned that the room would be very big and very dark -- suggesting that we put in a couple of extra windows to brighten the place up. He was right and we agreed to add them (cha-ching, cha-ching). Some days passed and the contractor called the Big Dubya at work and said he'd been thinking...... we'd add an awful lot to our resale value if we added a small bathroom as well. Of course this makes sense, so a bathroom is being added (cha-ching, cha-ching).
When the contractor learned that we were planning to get a big TV, he suggested wiring the room for surround sound.... you know, because the walls are open already anyway.

It's official -- we'll be eating Ramen Noodles for the rest of our lives..... now, I'm just wondering at what point I can start charging admission...


Mr Big Dubya said...

Woo-hoo - Dancing With the Stars in hi-def! Um...I mean...um...can't wait to see Lost in hi-def and surround.

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