November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess

I can't believe it was two years ago today...... my beautiful baby girl arrived in the world and I'll never be the same.

I believe in my heart that I love all my children equally.... 'lil Dubya, because he was my first.... he's sensitive, and funny, and kind and sweet..... he was the one that made me a Mommy -- he taught me how and was patient with me while I learned.

The 'lillest Dubya, because he's my last..... he's still revealing himself to us -- but he's happy and loving and easy going..... he was a special gift, one that I wasn't sure I'd be given -- I'm relishing every second.

The 'lil Dubyette.... she came in between them.... she's my little girl, my daughter. She's smart and sassy -- so independent, she accomplishes things with sheer determination -- her most oft repeated sentence these days is "No, I do myself" I so look forward to the mother-daughter things.... girls getaways with Granny & Aunt P.... tea parties and dance recitals shopping for proms.... wedding gowns..... grandchildren.

Happy Birthday my beautiful princess -- don't grow up too fast, okay?


Kara said...

so sweet!!

happy birthday!

Mamacita Tina said...

Two, already? Where does the time go? Belated birthday wishes to her.

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