April 16, 2009

Things I wish were legit...

I wish lose weight fast schemes would work.... not just for me and the 10lbs that I would love, love, love to lose.... but also for all the profoundly fat people who need to lose exorbidant amounts of weight to simply improve their health -- to make them more comfortable in their own skin, and to make them more available for their children... their family.

I wish those work-at-home deals were for real... I would love to work from home so that I could spend more time with my kids -- or even just supplement my income so that I wasn't always worried about our finances... so dependent on ouside forces to make a living.

I wish those organizations that raise money for the children in third-world-countries really made a difference -- instead of all that donated money going to executives and over-head

I would love it if all those products on the info-mmercials really worked... anybody have a Sham-Wow?

Just what's on my alleged mind today :)


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