August 1, 2005

Geee, you look terrific

'Lil Dubya is 8 weeks old -- it'll be 9 weeks on Thursday -- and I am wearing a pair of my own pre-pregnancy shorts -- No, not a pair I borrowed from my thin, but shapelier sister -- No, not a pair I bought to wear in Florida in the early part of my pregnancy last winter -- a legitimate pair of pre-pregnancy shorts that I bought for our Caribbean cruise back in March '04.

I know the shorts don't look fantastic, they are a little snugger than I'd like and I'm not saying that I'm in shape -- but it makes me feel wonderful every time someone tells me I look good considering all I went through (c-section, extended recovery, 'Lil Dubya's extended hospital stay).

Now, the Big W has been terrific -- like a good hubby, he's been very quick to tell me I look good -- and lately, he even says it with a touch of sincerity, which generally means that he is indeed sincere -- but, there is something about a compliment from a stranger that makes you feel greater than great. Whether it be the women in the supermarket or the extended family you haven't seen lately -- it's so nice to hear that you are getting back to your old self.

In fairness, having a small baby also helps increase the number of compliments -- people just assume he's younger than he is because he's so small, but I'll take 'em.


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