June 4, 2006

How I spent my birthday weekend

by 'lil Dubya

Mammy & Daddy bought me this cool new wagon for my birthday -- all the kids in the neighborhood have 'em -- it's lots of fun, their parents pull them all around and they just sit there. You should have seen Daddy's eyes light up when he saw that it has cup holders I think he might have some ideas on how to use those bad boys this summer. I had planned on spending quite a bit of time being pulled around this weekend -- you know, waving at my peeps in the 'hood
But, unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate -- and we were stuck indoors.

On Friday, my actual birthday, Mammy insisted we do some housework -- being the model kid that I am, I decided to help out a bit -- first with a little vacuuming

then, some dishes

I thought that if I made the most of being inside on Friday, that Saturday's weather just had to be better -- but...... I was wrong. When I crawled up to the front door on Saturday morning, all I saw was more rain.

My friend Baby Buffalo was visiting, so we sat down and tried to come up with creative ways to pass the time...
Baby Buffalo, an accomplished ballerina, thought it would be a good idea if she gave me some dance lessons.... a dude's gotta know how to dance

I was pretty annoyed that she wouldn't let me lead..... so I explained to her that despite my stature... I'm still the guy.... and, she kindly came down to my level.

We worked up quite an appetite and celebrated my new moves with some cake!

Next weekend is my birthday party..... and it's gonna be awesome... I heard Aunt P's been doing some shopping!


Susan said...

Oh my god, those pictures with Baby Buffalo are fantastic! The cuteness is killing me!

Happy birthday, big man. Enjoy that wagon, and tell your daddy that those cupholders are the bomb. (Not that *I* have ever used them to hold anything but sippy cups, mind you).

CroutonBoy said...

Happy Birthday little dude! That picture with the cake is one of the funniest things I've ever seen...do you think he likes it?

Mamacita Tina said...

What a great helper! We had to switch to plastic "glasses" since our little guy likes to help with the dishes too. Can you say CRASH! Oops.

Mary Tsao said...

Happy Birthday to you and also to your little guy!

I don't know when you're due, but it sounds like your kids will be spaced similar to mine: 17 months apart.

I won't lie, it was hard at first. But right now at just-turned-3 and 19 months, they play together all of the time. They're like two peas in a pod. (Something to look forward to!)

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