November 19, 2007

How is it possible?

My baby girl is a year old..... her first birthday was on Saturday.

I've been in denial over this milestone..... I just can't seem to get my head around the fact that a year has passed. She's so adorable.... I mean, I know all babies are cute and that I'm probably biased, but this kid is undeniably cute.

She's very much a Daddy's girl -- as soon as he walks through the door in the evening, she lights up and leaves whatever she's doing in the dust. She'll stand at his knee tugging at his pants until he picks her up and then she places her hands on the sides of his face and puts her forehead to his lips.

Where does the time go?


Darren said...

Happy birthday to the Lil' Dubyette!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday lil' Dubyette!!

Taste Like Crazy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Did I know that she and Cara were so close in age because this is new news to me today. I think I need more coffee. :)

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