November 13, 2007

What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?

Three weeks ago
Nana Dubya: What are your Thanksgiving plans?
Mrs Big Dubya: We are just going to stay home --
Nana Dubya: Really?
Mrs Big Dubya: Yeah, we both have to work on Wednesday and it's just easier thank packing up the kids and trudging all the way home -- would you and Papa Dubya like to join us? We'd love to have you
Nana Dubya: Maybe -- we've got to see what everyone else is doing
Mrs Big Dubya: Okay -- the offer stands

Two weeks ago
Nana Dubya: Do you guys know what you are doing for Thanksgiving yet?
Mr Big Dubya: Yeah, we are staying home -- would you like to come out?
Nana Dubya: Maybe -- we'll see what your brothers are doing

A few days later
Nana Dubya: Are you guys coming home for Thanksgiving?
Mrs Big Dubya: No, we are staying home

Last week
Nana Dubya: Where are you guys having Thanksgiving dinner?
Mr Big Dubya: At home -- how about you?
Nana Dubya: We aren't really sure yet.

I'm starting to think that there might be some disapproval in our decision to stay home for Thanksgiving this year. We stayed home last year -- then again, last year the 'lil Dubyette was a mere 6 days old. I'm not a Thanksgiving person..... it's not my holiday -- to me, it's just a bigger version of Sunday dinner -- so, it's not worth the aggravation of traveling. I think my mother-in-law thinks that if she asks the question enough times, she'll finally get an answer she likes.


cape buffalo said...

Oooh- I love selective deafness. My favorite.

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