November 14, 2007

Satisfied Customer

Have you ever had a retail experience that just f'ing pissed you off?
How about one where the company went so far above and beyond that you were floored by their exemplary level of service?

A couple of weeks ago, the Dubya family was at ToysRUs and decided to pick up a small table and chairs for the 'lil ones. Nothing fancy, just something kid-size for them to color on, etc. Once we got home, I thought.... wouldn't it be great if we could get another couple of chairs -- so that when other kids come over they have a place to sit too? So, I went onto the manufacturer's website and sure enough.... I found that they do sell the chairs so, I ordered another set of 2 and a few days later they arrived.
Unfortunately, the chairs I got in the mail weren't the same color as the ones I got at ToysRUs -- same chairs, but different color. I figured I was out of luck, but I emailed the company anyway just to ask if there was a chance I could exchange them.
Let's be clear -- the company did nothing wrong, they sent me exactly what I ordered.... I just assumed they'd be the same color.... even the picture would have clued me into the fact that they aren't.

Apparently, the chairs I got at ToysRUs are part of a set that's a "ToysRUs exclusive" -- so they aren't available separately either online or at ToysRUs, BUT the customer service person tracked down a pair and had them shipped to me -- and then asked if I could leave the chairs I didn't want outside so that UPS could come pick them up.
Now that's customer service!
We are thinking of getting the kids a "kitchen" for Christmas and this experience alone would make me shop Step2 first.


Arwen said...

I love hearing stuff like that. It makes my heart sing. Didn't it just make your day?

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