October 22, 2008


Remember the days of Halloween from our childhood?
It was before kids opted to have a Halloween party rather than to "risk" going trick-or-treating.

It was before hospitals offered to X-ray a kid's candy before it was deemed safe enough to take home to eat.
It was before malls hosted trick-or-treating because it was "safer" than going door to door in your own neighborhood

To collect our loot, we had an old pillow case or a plastic bag that the bank gave out for free.... now kids have embroidered treat bags from Pottery Barn.
Our parents picked up a costume in a cardboard box.... it looked something like this

Today, Batman looks like this
When did we lose the simplicity?


Brandi said...

Whatever happened to those plastic halloween costumes with the super cheap masks? I miss those. I had a difficult time finding a witch costume for Abby that wasn't slutified. She's THREE!

Arwen said...

Yes, the joys of slutty girl halloween outfits freaks me out. My mom made my outfit every year (how I am not sure since she was on the Braintree school committee and getting a masters and a single mother of 2 but she did it).
I just went to the Family Watchdog site to see how many perverts are in my neighborhood and fortunately there is only one registered. I think we will be safe (especially with a 90 pound german shepherd going out with us).

WILLIAM said...

I liked those old costumes..the crinkly plasctic suits...you could hear the trick or treaters walking from a mile away.

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