October 27, 2008

Blast from the past...

A funny thing has happened here in Dubya land...... somebody (the always brave commenter "Anonymous") left a scathing comment on a post I wrote.

Normally this wouldn't cause any type of curiosity on my part.... except -- this "anonymous" commented on a post I wrote on September 26th.... of 2005! Yeah, this person commented on a post I wrote 3 years ago, shortly after returning to work after baby #1 (the 'lil dubya) was born.

Weirder.... oh yeah, it gets weirder

Some nice person "Mary" commented.... defending me against this "anonymous" commenter. Thanks Mary.... you, clearly, have some inkling what it's like to be a mother.

I don't care enough about some "anonymous" commenter who doesn't know me (or maybe does know me, but doesn't like me very much) -- but just for fun I thought I'd point out a few things.... help him/her get a grip

1. Hey coward, use your name

2. Invest in spell check -- although I'm really glad you "LOTS" 35lbs I find all of your typos distracting as "ahould" you

3. I don't know what kind of rotten parent you are, or what rotten childhood experience you endured -- but, let me set you straight -- even on the most challenging of days "mommy-hood", as you refer to it, is the furthest thing from a burden I could ever imagine. I pity you if you feel otherwise. It's truly the greatest gift I've ever been given -- and if that means I have a c-section scar, regularly arrive at work with oatmeal hand marks on the back of my sweater.... or that this extra 6lbs is with me forever..... that's fine by me -- I've given the world three extraordinary people who will do exemplary things.

4. If you are going to read blogs and then comment on them..... learn to actually read. I didn't say I hated my friend, I said that "I enjoy my friends’ perfection"and that it's "perhaps even something to strive for"

5. Lastly, learn how to use tense. See, you say that you "used to be a fat, frumpy, catty, pathetic loser too always admiring other people" -- pahlease -- who are you kidding? you still are a pathetic loser..... "used to be" is a phrase reserved for people who have changed.


WILLIAM said...

Ummm...wow on anons comment.

Isn't it totally wierd to get comments from posts older than 6months? It always freaks me out.

Sue said...

People have enough time to go back and read that much? Not that you're not interesting, but I can barely keep up with the normal blog reading (and Facebook'ing, and seriously, sometimes I need to do some work to earn my paycheck)....

TwoBusy said...

I'm still stunned by the revelation that you work (worked?) with a stomach model. Who knew such things existed? It must be like sharing office space with a unicorn.

Mom and Wife said...

Stomach model? That's just not right. I could stomach model, I could so be the before model.

Hey Anonymous: Perhaps you should spend less time at the gym and more time with a dictionary.

Kara said...

um, what?

Tell anonymous if she doesn't watch out, I'm going to throw partially melted ice chips at her. And you know I will.

(for all of you scratching your heads, that's a little in joke with the Mrs)

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