October 23, 2008


Dear Mr/Ms Politician,

So, I'm starting to think it's unavoidable.... my taxes are going up. Necessary evil? maybe... maybe not -- but, the little economy called "Mr & Mrs Big Dubya" is my responsibility -- and well, we've got to balance our budget and so..... some cuttin' needs to happen to make up for the increase.

Mr Big Dubya -- you've got to start ironing your own shirts -- yeah, I know you've got a great deal down at Santoro's -- but, we've got to trim the budget and every little bit helps.

You are also gonna have to start mowing the lawn again -- I know, I know -- that takes up a huge chunk of your Saturday Daddy & Kids time, but.... we just aren't going to be able to pay that guy to do it for us anymore.

The newly reinstated date night? yep, that's gotta go too -- the graduate student who watches the kids while we go out one night a month.... she doesn't do it for free and the restaurant... well, they expect us to pay for that burger -- and sorry honey, we are in cost cutting mode -- so buh-buy date night.

Cleaning Lady (that I hired when we got a tax cut) -- sorry, you do a great job -- but, you are fired.... it's no longer in the budget.

I haven't had a pedicure in months -- and well, I won't be getting one any time soon.

And here, Mr President (whomever you may end up being) is your lesson in economics -- you raise my taxes, and well -- people lose jobs. The dry cleaners will have to cut their staff if people eliminate the luxury of sending out their shirts. The landscaper may only make $30 off of us -- but a few other families cut out his lawn mowing services and well, that's one less helper he needs. Babysitter? Restaurant worker? Cleaning lady?..... all small businesses that are hurt by tax hikes.

So government, why don't you do some cost cutting and leave my already-too-high taxes alone.

Mrs Big Dubya


Anonymous said...

Well said. We're trimming costs too...but not as far as doing our own ironing yet so we're keeping Santoro's in business.

WILLIAM said...


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