July 17, 2009

Conversation at Work

Work Dude: Your kids seriously don't drink anything but milk or water?

Mrs Big Dubya: 'lil Dubya drinks some watered down apple juice, but yeah.... other than that it's just milk and water

Work Dude: Wow, that's pretty good

Mrs Big Dubya: Yeah, but we go through something like 6 gallons of milk a week

Work Dude: 6 gallons? man that's a lot of milk -- where on earth do you keep six gallons of milk

Mrs Big Dubya: The beer fridge

Work Dude: The beer fridge?

Mrs Big Dubya: Yeah, we've got a fridge in the basement where we keep the beer -- we put some of the milk in there too -- it's a full size fridge, so it comes in handy

Work Dude: You actually have a fridge full of beer and milk?

Mrs Big Dubya: Yeah, pretty much

Work Dude: Hmmmmm

The odd thing, this whole conversation didn't seem weird to me -- just everybody else who heard it. I'm wondering if maybe we've got issues


Darren said...

We've got a fridge in the basement filled with only drinks too. Some beer, water, juice, iced tea and soda. And probably a couple of bottles of white wine.

I'm not crazy, just well mixed! said...

Makes perfect sense to me.

WILLIAM said...

who care about 6 gallons of milk...You have a beer fridge? Awesome

Kara said...

We keep our beer in the produce drawers of our fridge. People are either mortified or ticked by that.

Kara said...
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Kara said...

Tickled, not ticked. oops

(P.S. we do eat vegetables.... we just have fewer ones that look like science projects because we've lost sight of them in the crisper. Now the veggies are front and center in the fridge)

Sue said...

The beer bottles fit best in the produce drawers!

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