September 19, 2006

It just aint pretty

So, the 'lil man has taken to dancing.

It started out with a little bit of rhythmic clapping...... and soon began to progress.

First we were treated to a little swing at the waist/hips..... it was cute.

Next we noticed that there was a bit of a squat and bounce happening..... he'd bend his knees, bounce up and down..... twist at the waist.... and then the clap was thrown in at the end.

Soon it was the squat and bounce..... the twist..... the clap and some soulful head bobbing.

I kind of (naively) thought he was only performing for us at home.... usually when a particularly musical commercial came on TV, but sometimes a good theme song would get him going. But, I was soon corrected.... I learned that he was strutting his stuff at school too.

School..... yes, this is where I'm assuming he learned his new move..... .he's thrown a foot-stomp into his repertoire.

Yep, that's my boy..... a cross between Elaine Benes & Mr Ed.


Kara said...

Lil Dub, don't listen to your mommy. I'm sure your dancing is ADORABLE. If she gives you any grief, you just come and dance at our place.

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