September 27, 2006

The places I won't buy food

I think every geographical area has their own..... growing up, we had Building 19 and the less-seedy Christmas Tree Shop. In NY, my cousins had Job Lot and various "All-for-A-Dollar" type stores...... (sadly, I remember when they were 69¢ stores.... man am I getting old). Since moving to CT, I've discovered Big Lots.

These stores are terrific -- I love them because they sell the things that I hate spending money on for cheap.... specifically, wrapping paper, gift bags and shower curtain liners. In my little mind, there is nothing worse than having to spend $4.99 on a gift bag for a token gift you spent $12 on. In these shops, gift bags are a buck...... nice (or big) gift bags are a couple of bucks..... you need a bag to stick a bottle of wine in -- $0.69 and you are in business.

These stores have lots of other great stuff too...... and don't you worry -- I'm not kidding myself, I know that they also have lots of junk -- but if you find yourself needing a cheapo plastic table cloth or some clothes pegs -- this is where you go. You may have to battle the old ladies who are spending $3.99 on a some no-name scented candle that they swear will last as long as a Yankee (trust me lady, it won't) -- but it's worth the trip.

But then..... the snob in me comes out. I just can't buy food in these places. I know, a canned good is a canned good and it's in a sealed can so it's probably fine, but...... I just can't do it. I have made two exceptions....... I have purchased Sweet 'n Low and T.G.I Friday's Bloody Mary Mix (it really is the best mix around) at the Christmas Tree Shop...... the price is just too good..... but that's where I draw the line. I can't buy "real" food at these discount stores.... and I can't buy food at the gas station either.... a Diet Coke? sure, but....... one of those pre-made sandwiches from Mobil-On-The-Run..... I'm sorry -- I'll never be that hungry.


Kara said...

You may be the single least snobby person I know, btw. And I'm right there with ya. No food from Building 19 {shudder}

Melissa said...

That's funny, because I feel the same way. I won't even buy food at target. A coke or two or candy sure, but nothing else.

I don't think there is a big lots here, but I've been to one in Denver and I wanted to buy Christmas lights there.

Sue said...

Not sure what the Building 19 is, but I completely understand. I refuse to buy anything edible from the Wal Mart, or the Mobil or any place that just isn't a grocery store.

We like the Big Lots too. Where else could you buy 6 big boxes of Kleenex for so little?

PS. I like the new look!

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