September 20, 2006

Why can't you just listen to me???

This morning 4:45 am at chez Dubya

Mrs Big Dubya: I'll give the 'lil guy his antibiotic before we shower him.... 'cuz that stuff is sticky -- and he seems to get it everywhere!
Mr Big Dubya: Good idea
Mrs Big Dubya: Will give him one last dose of Tylenol too, just to be safe.
Mr Big Dubya: Sounds good

A few minutes later, in the bathroom, delivering 'lil man to the Big Dubya for his morning shower......
Mrs Big Dubya: Here he is -- all medicated and ready to go

And then..... about a half hour later, on our way out the door:
Mr Big Dubya: I just gave him some Tylenol...
Mrs Big Dubya: You did WHAAAAAAATTTTT?????
Mr Big Dubya:
What? Did you give him some already? Oh, did you tell me that? Sorry.
Mrs Big Dubya: Silence...... coupled with cold, icy glare


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I bet he slept well.

Just think of it like taking four advil. He'll feel no pain.

CroutonBoy said...

In his defense, 4:45 AM is WAY too early for the male brain to operate. Usually spinal activities are all you can muster out of them.

but since I don't want to get on your bad side: BAD MR. BIG DUBYA! BAD!

Sue said...

Poor lil' man. Hopefully he's feeling better now.

Aunt P said...

the rest of our family likes to over medicate, so just consider it as the Big Dub's way of helping 'lil dub discover another family trait!

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