October 14, 2006

The experts refer to it as "nesting"

I on the other hand, think that "freaking the fuck out" is a far better... and more accurate description.

For weeks now, I've been threatening to get all the 'lil Dubya's baby stuff out..... bassinette, bouncy seat, gender-neutral onsies & stretchy suits..... and get it all washed (in Dreft of course) and ready for the arrival of the 'liller Dubya. I asked the Big Dubya to bring the storage bins up from the basement.... and he said he would, when he had a chance.

Well, on Friday -- I went to my regularly scheduled doctor's apt and the doctor noticed my BP was slightly elevated.... no, not high -- no, not dangerous -- no, nothing to worry about..... weight was fine, labs were fine. But, given my history.... he advised that we step up to a weekly schedule and that if I find myself experiencing any type of discomfort -- I shouldn't even bother to call the office -- just go to the hospital and get hooked up to a monitor -- better safe than sorry. No problem...... I've got a BP cuff at home..... I'll keep an eye on it too.

On the ride home it occurred to me that I'm about a week away from where I was when I delivered the 'lil man...... and holy shit, nothing's done. Worse than that -- our house looks like a crime scene. If I were to go into to the hospital to deliver, people would be coming.....to visit, to help w/ the 'lil man...... they can't see this place like this.

I went home and got to work.... I took apart the swing, the bouncy seat, the car seat -- all has now been washed. I cleaned out the 'lil man's closet.... making room for the new-baby stuff that is now making it's way to the washer (my Maytag is getting a workout this weekend). I've started packing my hospital bag -- last time it was all so sudden, there was no bag packed.... and ladies, you have no idea what you'll get if you let your husband just bring you stuff when you are in the hospital........ beer tee-shirt from college was on the list!

As a result of all this panic -- we're in better shape. Don't get me wrong..... we are not "there" yet, but we're getting there.......

I did notice that the woman who just moved in across the street has a cleaning lady come.... something I've been threatening to do for years. I keep saying that I'll hire somebody as soon as I get the house clean enough to let her in to see it.......... hence, nobody's been hired yet -- but we are getting closer. I'm getting serious though, it's even on my Christmas list this year -- I'd love it if someone would just hire me a cleaning service...... Hint, Hint, Hint..... is this thing on?


Arwen said...

I didn't pack a bag. Hubby brought stuff from home (like my size 6 jeans....such wishful thinking on his part). My mom ended up having to get me stuff from home. It was sort of a mess.

Melissa said...

My first was a month early and we didn't even have the crib yet. Plus the swing was in a box and mostly nothing else was done. We'd planned on taking the last week off togeather and finishing everything. Ha, that sounds dam funny now.

The best thing my hubby brought me in the hospital was the sexy red panties. Really? I mean really, what the hell was he thinking? Men.

If you wait until your house is clean to get a cleaning lady, it will never happen. I'd say take the plunge and enjoy it. Especially since you are about to have two babies.

Kara said...

Amen, Melissa. Just go for it. Treat yourself to a cleaning lady. Trust me, you guys are clean people, I'm sure they've seen much much much worse. Cliff and i have opposite views about cleaning , ME: must be CLEAN clean, even if it's not always picked up... HIM: must be picked up, pay no attention to the funky mold in the shower or dust so thick you can write your name on the dining room table. The cleaning lady is cheaper than a marriage counselor.

J said...

We are due in the middle of December and I got out a fair amount of nesting this past weekend myself. I actually suggested last night that we pack a bag just in case. My BP was up at my last appt and I had protein in my urine, the combination of which got me an all expenses paid trip to L&D *what can I say Canadian Health care has its merits!* Fortunately, everything checked out and I was home in short order but it was enough of a wake up call that we actually are having a second child in less than 2 months, better get crackin'.

Love reading your stuff.

radioactive girl said...

I have cleaning ladies because "my son has asthma". That is what I tell people. He does have asthma, but that's not the real reason I have them! There is no way I can keep my house clean without them. They come every other week, and when they leave it is like everything is brand new! It is well worth it! I cancelled them when we had tons of medical bills and no money, only to call them and beg them to come back because looking at my filthy house caused me so much stress. I think I would rather go without eating than cancel them again. I say go for it!

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