September 5, 2007

One more to add to the list of things that can't swim

So, the 'lil man gingerly tossed my phone into the kitchen sink while I was doing dishes -- I grabbed it quickly -- but apparently not quickly enough. First it wouldn't shut off, then it wouldn't charge and now it won't do anything. If you've been trying to call..... don't bother... I'm not home.
I stopped at the Cingular (Cingular, AT&T.... whatever they are calling themselves this week)store near my office at lunch today to see if there was something they could do -- perhaps replace the battery..... I had to try.... it was still a decent phone.
When she finished laughing at me she asked if I had insurance..... uhm, I don't know.... insurance? that probably would have been a good idea, huh?
She removed the battery and began laughing again..... "I've never seen the water damage button this bright before. Yeah, this phone is done -- sorry."
Did you know my phone had a "water damage button" , cause I didn't...... and I also didn't know that it's bad, really bad when the water damage button is bright red.
Looks like I'll be getting a new phone......


Arwen said...

That red button stinks, I have seen it repeatedly (note to self, don't talk on the phone while walking in the rain). iPod's don't float either.

Taste Like Crazy said...

Did you chunk it?

There's a tiny chance that you might be able to resurrect it.

If you can get it 100% dry...

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