September 14, 2007

Things I swore I'd never do

Before I was a parent, I had a long (very long) list of things that I swore I would never, under any circumstances do......

Some, I've kept -- others I've broken..... and then there are the ones that I've taken to a whole new level.

So..... what are yours?

For those who are a bit slow..... this is me trying to figure out if I have any readers.


Arwen said...

I think it more what things are left that I never said I would do.
I said I would never tell her to turn her light off and go to bed and just 5 minutes ago I said just that.

margalit said...

let my kids have a tv in their room. My son does have a TV in his room, our old, broken, no red color anymore TV that he uses for his xbox. It shuts him up and keeps him out of my hair for hours at a time.

PunditMom said...

PunditGirl has come to believe that is is a compliment to compare my cooking to Chef Boyardee! I guess we're lost!

cape buffalo said...

I sass back to my child. I hated it when my parents did that to me. I also say "that's right, when they were deciding which children to give to which parents, they gave you the meanest ones."

she doesn't like that one much (I don't like it much either- but sometimes I just can't help myself)because it makes her admit that I'm actually not all that mean.

And I let her eat junk (like, chex mix) sometimes just to get some peace.

I do have limits, though. She can only play with sharp knives every other weekend.

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