September 7, 2007

Update: on the Stroller Derby

A week or so ago, I posted about my stroller woes......

Well, the nice people at the stroller company have gotten back to me (we'll ignore the fact that it took over a week) and are going to replace the mangled hoods -- and all it's going to cost me is the $8 shipping charge -- which, I think is fair.

Yaaayyyyy -- I've still got Granny keeping an eye out for a double stroller in good condition at the Church's yard sale..... just in case these hoods don't stand up, but I am pleased that the stroller company is going to do the right thing by the Dubyas.


Arwen said...

I am not sure if you the group 'Moms of Multiples' up your way but we have that group in Asheville and strangely enough they always have double strollers.

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