September 16, 2007


Isn't it funny.... if you had told me two years ago that I'd pass up the chance to see the Yankees play the RedSox at Fenway in September..... I'd have laughed out loud an told you to go back to your crack pipe. But that's exactly what I'm doing tonight.... I'm sitting at home and the Big Dubya's at the game with 39 and our friends over at Cape Buffalo.

The Big Dubya got tickets months ago.... before we knew what the season would be like... and we were psyched. I could smell the peanuts.... I had it all planned out.... thought we might have some dinner here and then move stroll across the street for arguably the coldest beer in Boston.... head over to the game..... a perfect night out.
But, I'm a mother now..... the kids haven't been home for an entire weekend since the end of July -- 'lil dubyette is cutting her four top front teeth, the 'lil man's got a head cold..... I had to ask myself -- what's the best thing for them? In the final analysis, it wasn't driving 3 hours to Boston only to drive back the following day. So, I'm here..... watching the game on TV.
The Big Dubya took off this afternoon and I stayed behind -- and I'm actually fine with it.
Don't get me wrong -- I would love to see the Sox play the Yankees at Fenway, and this is a great year to do it -- but, I'm needed here. The Yankees will come back to Fenway next year, and for many, many years to come. The 'lil Dubyette...... well, she's never going to cut these teeth again -- and as she gets more and more independent (she's 10 months tomorrow!!!) she needs me a little less each day -- I'm not going to miss the chance to be here for her.
On the bright side, I can switch back & forth between the Sox & the Patriots, I'm in my pjs on a comfy couch and my beers...... they' re free :)


Mrs. Chicky said...

It's chilly at Fenway and you have a big screen TV. You made the right decision.

Kim said...

I have two kids now too but I still don't understand. :) But then I've never forgiven my family for deciding I was "too young" (I was nine) to go with the rest of the family to game 7 in 1975. I'll take that grudge to my grave.

Above Average Joe said...

I was in Foxboro Sun. night. You might have had the right idea staying home. It was friggin' cold.

Sue said...

You see more on tv anyway, and you don't have to stand in line for the ladies room!

Jenn said...

I hear ya girl!! I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to go and see the yanks take on the sox. (I'm assuming your a sox fan, *cringe* but I'll let that slide) but I'd be staying home too. Both Mike and I have done it with numerous games, concerts, ect. That's what being mommy and daddy are about. =o)

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