June 3, 2008

On this day in Dubya history

Note: There was supposed to be a post yesterday (June 2nd), but...... fate intervened......

On June 2nd 2005, the 'lil Dubya gave me the greatest of gifts -- he was born and made me a Mommy. It was a chaotic day, and a scary day -- but it'll always be remembered as one of the greatest days of my life.

On June 2nd 2008, the 'lillest Dubya and I were supposed to be released from the hospital so that we could go home and celebrate the 'lil Dubya's third birthday -- (yes, "supposed to be" is in italics for dramatic effect)

But, the docs decided to keep us one more day and instead of getting to sing "Happy Birthday" around a Dairy Queen ice cream cake at home -- the 'lil man came to the hospital and we had a date in the maternity ward.

He was so grown up -- the Big Dubya took charge of the 'lillest man while the birthday boy and I shared my hospital dinner and he told me all about his day.

He posed for pictures with his new baby brother and was ever so gentle when he tickled his toes and played with his tiny fingers.....I brought him around and introduced him to all the nurses who were with me that wild night three years ago -- he was so polite..... thanking each one who wished him a happy birthday. I can't imagine being more proud of him.

Happy Birthday 'lil man -- we'll have that cake tonight, I promise!


mr. big dubya said...

Oh - I shouldn't have read this at work - I'm a tad misty now.

Damn - when did I become such a girly-man?

Sue said...

Ohhh so cute!

And I really need to stop reading/seeing these pictures because I'll start to want a baby too!

Mamacita Tina said...

Happy Birthday to the 'lil man!

Love the picture.

Darren said...

Happy belated birthday to the 'lil Dubya.

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