September 26, 2005

The human Barbie Doll

We all have them…. those friends who are always “put together”.

You know, those women who always look perfect….. never overdue for a haircut or an eye brow wax, their flawless peaches & cream skin has just a hint of makeup, they can wear linen without looking like they slept in their clothes, their stockings never run, they are never missing a button. They are the women you imagine always wearing bras & panties that match….. and not just on special occasions or on the day after doing seven loads of laundry. I am ashamed to admit that I’m envious of these women…. And honest enough to know that I will never be one of them. Most of the time I enjoy my friends’ perfection… most of the time I find it amusing or entertaining – perhaps even something to strive for – not today.

Since returning to work, I’ve been a little self-conscious. Sure, I’ve lost the majority of the baby weight, but…. I’m still shall we say… what’s the word?…. lumpy. It’s not that I was in terrific shape pre-‘Lil Dubya, but this body of mine is kind of foreign to me now. I’ve never had boobs before and my pre-pregnancy clothes don’t all fit the way they used to…. maybe they never will, so when one such perfect friend stopped by to welcome me back to work the other day… it was hard to reel in the envy. To add insult to injury, she is the nicest girl…. so sweet – I want to hate her, but I can’t. So there she was, in her size zero Ann Taylor suit, perfectly styled (yet natural looking) hair and french manicured nails telling me how great I looked…. Me, in my big girl clothes, still damp from morning shower hair and whatever makeup I could slather on at red lights on the way into the office could only say “thank you” and then watch as she strolled off to her meeting (bet she’s never late or unprepared for meetings either).

A woman who happened to be in my office at the time said “You know, she’s got a part time job – she’s a stomach model” Okay, c’mon -- can I please hate her now?


Kara said...

hate away, my dear, hate away.
i spent almost an ENTIRE DAY at work with a trail of baby barf down my back until a sympathetic coworker pulled me aside.
stomach model. let me at 'er.

Anonymous said...

What a stupid load of BS! What kind of fantasy world do you live in? EVERYONE takes a crap in the morning, everyone has a bad day and everyone steps in dog poop once in a while! Get over it! These 'perfect' women you talk about aren't really perfect. They just SEEM that way because you are delusional. Just because they care more about their looks and don't bitch about mundane problems like you do, doesn't mean you ahould hate them. I used to be a fat, frumpy, catty, pathetic loser too always admiring other people. Then I GOT OFF MY FAT ASS, JOINED A GYM AND LOTS 35 LBS! I also bought some new clothing and changed up my look. It's sad how jealous bitches treat me like crap because I look good. I worked HARD to look this good. If they stopped whining and did the same thing they would look good too. Guess what? This girl is a stomach model because SHE WORKS OUT, EATS RIGHT AND PROBABLY DECIDED TO NOT GO HAVE BABIES! Since you are too lazy and burdened with mommy-hood to do what it takes to be fit, maybe it's YOURSELF you should hate, not her. What did she ever do to you? You sound like a loser, seriously. If you feel frumpy, do something, otherwise shut up!

Mary said...

This comment is to ANONYMOUS ; It seems to me YOU have a big mouth to go with your BIG assumtions about situations - Are you a guy or ??? Because it seems to me YOU have no consideration and/or compassion - Sure YOU worked out and blah blah - Big deal !! Everyone and anyone could do that !! But have you ever tried doing a sit up and feeding a baby at the same time ? Or eat a well balanced meal when baby had you up till four in the morning and all you want to do is eithier sleep or have a BIG cup of strong coffee ?? Get real , You don't know what its like to be a Mama and trying to look like you just came out of a fashion magazine - Another thing ! Why is that you have such a high opinon of yourself and YOU can't even leave your name behind for others to see WHO stated such a comment ?? In my books babe , Your the LOSER - Next time leave that when you comment -

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