April 7, 2006

Miscellaneous Stuff

Sorry I've been out of the loop..... it's been the perfect storm in the Dubya house..... the 'lil guy's been under the weather and I'm in the process of changing jobs. You wouldn't think that changing jobs would take 6 months, but sometimes it does..... while I was on maternity leave my righthand person got offered and took a promotional opportunity.... so I've been without a right hand since September. So, when my own opportunity came along..... I was asked to stay on until they found a replacement for me (and the right hand) and of course, being a team player, I agreed. Well.... that was in November and I still haven't been replaced. Sometime during January or February, my new boss got frustrated waiting for me to transition over.... so he started assigning me work too. So, essentially, I'm doing three full-time jobs.... plus all the extra things I take on because I'm a type-A over achiever. As a result of this chaos, I've been working long days and most weekends for the past month..... (don't yu love corporate life?) and you guys have had very little to read from me.

Speaking of sucky corporations.... let's talk about the insurance industry, shall we? The 'lil Dubya was born premature -- and as the TV PSAs (Public Service Announcements) tell us, preemies are susceptible to RSV and should be vaccinated during the winter months (Nov-April). The NICU of the hospital where the 'lil man spent the first month of his life sent our pediatrician a letter saying that they strongly recommend the vaccination -- so the pediatrician supplied us with some info and after doing our own research, we agreed. Well, imagine our shock (because supposedly I have outsanding insurance) when our insurance company said they wouldn't cover the shots. So, (with an appropriate amount of attitude) I declared we'd pay for them out of pocket.... how much could they be, right? The nurse responded that it would be $1800 per shot based on his current weight -- and of course he's expected to gain weight, so it could be as much as $2,500 per shot by the time we were done. Okay people, I'm an accountant -- that's like $12,000!!!!!

I asked why they wouldn't cover it despite the fact that it was recommended by the hospital where he spent time in the NICU.... wouldn't they be in a position to make such a recommendation? They said that the 'lil man didn't have enough of the risk factors... he was one short..... what do you mean? I asked incredulously? He was born premature, asthma runs in his family, he goes to daycare..... all risk factors. The case worker kindly responded "Yes dear, but you and your husband don't smoke -- if you were smokers, he'd be covered"

So, my insurance company is penalizing my child because we live a healthy lifestyle.... AWESOME! We ended up getting the shots covered through my RX coverage... albeit with a hefty co-pay.

Lastly, these things are fabulous!


Kara said...

what the???
sorry you're so stressed!!

I'll come and work for you. Granted, I don't know how to really do any math, but from watching the news, I've learned that many corporate accountants do their jobs for years without really knowing what the heck they're doing. So, am I hired?

Kara said...

P.S. What I am a pro at is dealing with punk-ass teenagers and I've lived with a toddler. So I know that would come in very handy in the business world.

Sue said...

Unbelievable! (about the RSV shots, not the new job).

Congratulations on the new opportunity!

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