April 24, 2006

Why me Lord, Why me?

Is it my face? Do I just look like someone that you want to talk to about deeply personal things?

A couple of weeks ago…. I guess it’s about a month ago now, I was at the pediatrician’s office for the ‘lil man’s 9-month check-up. We got there a few minutes early….. honestly, I’m almost always a few minutes early…. I think it’s the polite thing to do.

Anyway, as we are sitting in the waiting room, another little girls starts making eyes at the ‘lil man. She was probably about 5 – she was very cute and the ‘lil guy couldn’t take his eyes off of her. As is standard, her mother asked – “Oh he’s cute, how old is he”? So I replied “Thank you, he’s 9½ months” – and then she asks me…. “Are you going to have any more”?

I often find this question off-putting, simply because it’s a very personal thing…. My mother hasn’t asked me if I plan on having more…. My sister hasn’t asked me if I plan on having more – I think they both know that I’d like to have one more, but it’s a very personal decision. So, to have this woman I’ve never laid eyes on before broadcast the question across a pediatrician’s waiting room…. Well, it kinda rattled me.

I responded that, “Yes, I hope to have another child at some point” -- Well, then I learned that, LUCKY ME, not only was she going to invade my privacy, but she’s also gonna do some sharing. “I’m not having anymore, I wasn’t supposed to have her, so I had a hysterectomy”.

What does one say to such a revelation? In my mind I was hoping that superheroes were real and that Captain Inappropriate was going to swoop in and save me, but no…. no such luck. I just said "Well, that makes her all the more of a blessing, doesn’t it?" – and prayed that if the Captain wasn’t coming to save me that a nurse would call us in soon….. and mercifully, she did!


Sue said...

I wish there were some snappy comeback to questions like that (that didn't take hours to come up with).

Kara said...

nice save mrs. big dubya. i have no idea what i would have said!

Kristen said...

How bizarre! It's like she was just setting you up to allow herself to share that with you. And clearly she has some issues with it (I'm hoping it has more to do with being grateful for her miracle child than being resentful)...

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