April 19, 2006

They didn't get their money's worth today

If I work with or for you..... please stop reading, as my job will probably be in jeopardy.

I drove to work this morning..... I took my own sweet time, I didn't rush..... I was in no hurry. I stopped and got gas, treated myself to an iced coffee and then I went to the post office, bought some stamps and mailed a birthday card to a college roommate. When I finally got to work this morning, it was around 7:45 and I simply didn't want to be there. I started house-hunting..... we aren't in the market for a house -- we probably couldn't afford to move even if we wanted to, but it was fun to look at houses online that are 2-3 times the size of ours.... and that we could only buy if we win tonight's powerball -- hell, I even emailed a couple to the Big Dubya so he could join the fantasy with me.

Next, I started surfing the net..... I emailed Aunt P some suggestions for wedding favors -- then we proceeded to email back and forth..... mostly about stuff for her wedding. Around 11:30, I decided to take an early lunch break and run some errands -- I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond, Linens & Things, Pier One, Target and then I stopped at Subway and grabbed some lunch. I got back to work around 12:45ish and while I ate my lunch I started emailing Aunt P again.... describing what I was unable to find on my shopping excursion. At 1:00, I decided I'd goofed off enough and that I should get ready for my 2:00 meeting. -- then at 1:10, 'lil Dubya's teacher called.... he's got a fever and I need to go get him. So, I told my boss that I'd be leaving early and now I'm on the couch with my little man.

I'm not sure I earned my keep today, but..... I think it might put a dent in all the Sundays I've been putting in lately


Sue said...

I think (I'm hoping?) we all have days like that. I'm currently having a week like that.

Hope the little guy feels better soon!

Kara said...

sorry to hear about the little guy.. so what kinda favors are you getting?

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