April 1, 2006

Ten Things Mrs Big Dubya cannot do

10. Well, it has already been well documented that I cannot fold a fitted sheet.
9. Hard as I try, I cannot stick to a diet or a budget
8. As much as I'd love to, I cannot sleep in...... even back in the day when all my friends were snoozin' until noon -- I was up and at 'em by 6.
7. I cannot, for some unfathomable reason, put on a black outfit withough smearing it with either deodorant or toothpaste.
6. I cannot stick to the speed limit -- I'm always pushing it just a little bit
5. I cannot keep stuff from piling up on our kitchen island or on our dining room table (mail, candles, boxes, UGHHH....)
4. I cannot paint my own nails -- toes, I can do okay (not great, but okay) -- fingers -- hopeless
3. I cannot have just one -- of anything.... potato chips, french fries, glasses of wine, beers.....
2. I'm running out of steam here..... I guess I can't come up with a list of 10 things
1. I cannot get the damn ointment into the 'lil Dubya's eyes

Yes friends, the 'lil man woke up this morning with his eyes gooed shut. Pink eye has hit everyone in his class..... 5 babies were sent home on Tuesday -- there are only 7 babies in the class. Four of them simply had fevers -- one ended up with bronchitis, pink eye and two ear infections. When the 'lil man woke up with his eyes gooed shut I wasn't overly concerned -- he wakes up with eye boogers from time to time -- we wipe 'em up and we're good to go. Well, today was different -- the more I wiped, the more boogers formed. The Big Dubya had to work today, so I was torn as to what to do -- there was no fever and no "pink".... doesn't "pink eye" have to involve some "pink"? But, I figured we could give the pediatrician a buzz anyway.... he's got Saturday morning hours and my logic said that I'd rather call him today, then wake up tomorrow wishing I had.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE our pediatrician? He's not hot or anything like Beth's, but he's just so kind and laid back and he's never made me feel bad for calling or bringing the 'lil guy in. I must be a pediatrician's worst nightmare..... first time mother, mother of a preemie, no family in the area to consult...... but he's been awesome since day one. In fairness to me, I don't call him with every little thing, and most of the time he's told me that we were right to bring him in -- so I reported to the pediatrician's office this morning with my eye booger ridden baby in tow.

Yeah, these need to be treated...... usually boogers of this caliber are the start of something bigger -- might just be a headcold, but let's keep an eye on him. He prescribed some ointment..... and that's when I learned how hard it is to get ointment into a 10-month old's eyes!

One dose applied...... 20 more to go (3 per day X 7 days = 21 doses - 1 dose administered this morning.... 20 to go)


Kim said...

Just think, it can only get easier. Well, I hope that's the case. Good luck. :)

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