May 23, 2007

Look Out Disney, Cause Here We Come

Okay kids, taking a little Memorial Day blogging break so that we can hit Disney for a few days with Aunt P and Mr Tall Guy......

Should be a fun weekend -- we'll be celebrating Aunt P's birthday on Monday and the 'lil man's getting his first hair cut in the Magic Kingdom on Friday

Behave yourselves while we are gone.... and if you get bored, there's a new assignment up over at The Whinery.


Sue said...

Have an awesome time in Disney!

And Happy Birthday to Aunt P - make sure you tell everyone she's celebrating so she gets some extra magic!

Darren said...

Have fun! (Although I think you're gone already.)

I got my hair cut at the Magic Kingdom too. I saw a couple other grown guys getting cuts and needed one too so... I didn't get any of the special first haircut stuff though. Enjoy it.

Kara said...

okay you're back now. pictures. want pictures.

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