May 2, 2007

So, it started with a little granola and some salad dressing

A while back, I posted my commitment to losing the remainder of the baby-weight.... 7lbs of pre-pregnancy weight, coupled with 5lbs of actual pregnancy weight. I began a couch-to-5K program and was eating healthy.... loosely following a Weight Watchers diet.

I was doing great..... I'd gotten to within 6lbs of my goal.... I was feeling really good and fitting into a lot of my pre-baby clothes and then THUD.

Did you hear that? That was Mrs Big Dubya falling off the diet wagon and leaving a big old dent in the ground.

Looking back, it's pretty clear that it wasn't one thing that caused my diet's demise.... it was a serious of what should have been little things.... but string 'em together and UGH diet disaster!

See, first -- we had a contractor working on our basement (this is where the treadmill lives), and given our extended winter here in CT and the fact that it's dark when I get home from work.... let's just say there was a little more couch than 5K in my evenings.

So, that leaves diet.

I had been having oatmeal for breakfast every morning -- it's WW-friendly, good for you, high in fiber and the cafeteria at works makes big vats of it, sells it for cheap. Sounds harmless, right? Well, of course when there's a big vat of it -- you take way more than they'd give you in one of those packets -- AND, they don't just have oatmeal..... they have a "hot cereal bar". You can top your bland bowl of mushy oatmeal with yummy less-diet-friendly items like granola (couple of scoops) raisins (sprinkle a few of those) dried cranberries (you know, for a splash of color) and some brown sugar (just a bit to sweeten it up)..... and if it's clumpy (oatmeal gets clumpy you know) throw in a splash of whole milk.

Then there was lunch..... I had been having a salad from the salad bar. Sounds good & healthy, right? Sure does! Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, carrots, broccoli....... and then I decided to add a few croutons, some of that pasta salad..... and I can have a little of the good fatty dressing right? (Parmesan Peppercorn.... yummmm..... I could bathe in the stuff)

Lastly, the Big Dubya and I dutifully gave ice-cream up for lent..... so for the first two weeks after Easter, we just had to reward ourselves with some frosty treats.... not small ones either, large with toppings, lots of toppings!

Yeah, let's just say...... I gained a good 8lbs putting me 2lbs above where I started! UGH!!!!!

My name is Mrs Big Dubya and I'm a great big FATTY!

Well, after realizing that I couldn't zip several pairs of my pants..... I got back to the diet.... and am back to being down 5lbs (7lbs to go for those of you keeping score).

The basement will be done later this week or early next week, so I'm recommitting to the couch-to-5K and, to keep me honest, I plan to join my good pal Kara for this in September.


Sue said...

Why is it that you think you're being healthy and it ends up being not so healthy??

Hooray for getting back on the treadmill! Good luck with the training and diet - let us know how it goes...

Mamacita Tina said...

At least you're on top of things before it gets completely out of control. Helping a cause as a goal can be very rewarding!

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