May 13, 2007

Wanted: Free Stuff

Just wanted to let you all know...... I like free stuff..... I'm willing to work for free stuff....

I have a lot to offer you people that give away all the free stuff..... I've got two babies, a full time job, a house, a car...... a college education (from a party school)..... a Masters degree (from a sorta reputable university) and some other academic crappy credentials that don't matter much in the real world, but would make me a terrific recipient of free stuff.

If you want me to review a book -- send me one.....

Want me to try out and rate a baby-product? I've got two babies...... send it along, we'll put it through its paces.

Cleaning product??? Like I said, I've got two babies under two years old.... cleaning products earn their keep in our house.

All the cool kids get free stuff...... so c'mon send me some free stuff, okay?

By the way.... I'm still accepting submissions for the title of my wine club -- so come join the fun and bring a nifty name too.

And don't forget..... bring on the free stuff


Julie Pippert said...

I'll send you my book. I only have the proof now so it will be a bit of time but...hey, I'm sure I will remember, swiss cheese for brain and all. :)

BTW, cool deal on wine club. We've had one for a while. Lots of fun and no spitting. Luckily we all live within walking distance...

A friend of mine, very cool...anyway, idea for blog name: Carpe Vino

Darren said...

I hope nobody that has sent me anything free sees this, but I haven't gotten anything really cool for free. The books are cool--but it takes me weeks to get through a book. The juice was good, but juice isn't that exciting.

I like the name Carpe Vino, by the way. Any other good ones?

Be Inspired Always said...

You want something Free? Come to my page, it's my one year blogging anniversary... and I'm giving a signed copy of my book away!


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