October 11, 2007

In defense of the drive thru workers

I was reading the New England Mamas the other day, and I was kind of struck by a post written by a blogger I like reading very much.

I was kind of in a cranky mood, and started scripting a really snarky comment -- but then, thought better of it -- I like these ladies and don't want to piss them off.... over something so stupid. I've gotten the wrong food at drive-thru and it's inconvenient, it's annoying.... it sucks.

But, for some reason -- the post has kind of stuck with me and I figured rather than drop a comment on their site -- I'd just use my own space to share my thoughts.
In the interest of full disclosure, it has been a few years -- but I actually did work at a McDonald's drive-thru for 4+ years during high school and college.

Yes, I understand that sometimes there can be a mistake in your order. Yes, you should get what you ordered -- and it should be hot (or cold) when it is served to you.
Did you know that these kids in the drive through are not making a ton of money?

Did you know that they serve hundreds of customers every hour with a fairly good accuracy rate?

Did you know that those booths are heated/air conditioned, but with the window constantly open it is freezing cold in the winter and boiling hot in the summer?

Did you know that often times that your car radio, loud exhaust and/or background chatter interferes with the speaker and that you can't always hear what the customer is saying?

Did you know that their performance is based on the number of seconds the car sits at the window? and that often times the cars behind you yell at these workers when you take a long time to get your money out or make changes to what you want once you get to the window?
Did you know that owner/operators won't let you just throw some ketchup in every bag because it impacts their bottom line? They make you wait 'til the customer asks for it.

Did you know that perverted old men drive through naked from the waist down to show you their "goods"?

I understand that you drive through because you are in a hurry and you expect them to get it right -- but are you really going to complain about a burger that cost you $0.99, a burger you couldn't even bother to get out of your car for.


Mamacita Tina said...

I try to not complain about such things unless I've actually lived the life. I've come to expect mistakes, and so I always check what I get before I drive off. That way I don't get mad and mistakes can be easily fixed.

cape buffalo said...

the goods?


few people's jobs are as easy as we think. Thanks for the reminder :)

Darren said...

That last "did you know" is disgusting.

I'd kind of figured out the ketchup thing. I suspect that Dunkin Donuts workers aren't allowed to give napkins away either until they're asked.

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