October 20, 2007


I remember when I first read a post written by my good friend Kara, I admit it -- Kara, I'm so very sorry, I thought you were exaggerating..... out of frustration or for humor or for effect.
I was wrong, I was very, very wrong.

When she first wrote the post, I didn't have a daughter -- I hadn't really spent too much time shopping for little girl clothing -- and when I did, it was hoodies from the Gap or pajamas from the DisneyStore -- pretty vanilla stuff.

I should have been clued in when we went to DisneyWorld in May -- we were at the pool and my infant daughter was wearing something like this, other infants (yes, infants) I saw were wearing something more like this. I'm not sure a body that's still wearing a diaper is meant to wear a triangle string bikini top, but.....

The daughter of a close friend turns 4 next week -- she's tall for her age, so probably needs a size 5. I decided to go get her something cute -- I started off at the Disney Store.... thought maybe some cute pajamas or something princess-related. The pajamas? no, no really cute pajamas -- but they did have "nighties". I don't mean nightgowns..... I mean nighties -- sheer nighties. First of all, it's October -- almost November and this is Connecticut!!!! Sheer??? Where's the flannel?

I left the Disney Store disappointed and went to The Limited Too, well -- I only lasted 5 minutes in that store -- they are clearly the official outfitters of Prosti-tots -- I mean, seriously -- I wouldn't allow a teenager to wear some of the stuff I saw in that store. Gymboree was modest enough, but a bit too dressy for everyday wear and the everything I saw at OldNavy was just poorly made -- looked like it might disintegrate if you tried to wash it.

I ended up at my old stand-by, The Gap -- but they aren't getting off so easy either -- they had their fair share of baby-tart clothes too. I was able to find something 4-year old appropriate, but I had to shop for it and there weren't an abundance of choices.

What is wrong with people? Maybe we wouldn't be seeing stories about birth control for 11 year olds if we let little girls dress like little girls. No, I don't think we need to dress them like Laura Ingles, but how about keeping them fully clothed?


Kim said...

My daughter is only six months old but I see the trend too. She may not get anything but turtlenecks until she's 25. LL Bean and Hanna Andersson are the only places I have looked that don't have anything tart-y.

Sue said...

Land's End will become a life saver. Along with Gymboree and Talbots kids. Expensive? Yes, but unfortunately we haven't found any alternative.

cape buffalo said...

See? We were at the Childrens Place this weekend and most of the stuff was hid-e-ous. And slutty.

observe: http://content.childrensplace.com/www/b/TCP/images/styles/022864_m.jpg

cape buffalo said...

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