October 16, 2007

We're all Coming Over -- Okay?

My family's coming over on Saturday -- my mother, my sister -- my mother's two (maybe three) sisters and their husbands -- maybe some of my cousins with their spouses and families.

I don't know when on Saturday

Don't know how long they are staying

Not sure if they are sleeping over

So, yes -- I have company coming on Saturday.... no idea how many, no idea what meal (or meals) I'll have to come up with for them .... no idea how many beds I have to make up or assign....

How does one shop for this?


Sue said...

Holy cow! Nothing like a little pressure...maybe make something that you can do mostly ahead of time (lasagne?) and hope for the best? As for the bed situation, I would have no idea. Good luck!

Darren said...

Refer them to some of the hotels in town. They won't stay long.

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