December 27, 2007

Christmas..... the aftermath

We've now done Christmas 3 times..... my family on Saturday, Big Dubya's family on Sunday..... and then our own little family on Tuesday, with special guest star Aunt P.

Aunt P did not have the Norman Rockwell Christmas she dreamed of...... I'll give her another day or two to post about it, if she doesn't then maybe I'll attempt it.

As if we didn't have enough shit already, our house now looks like ToysRUs threw up --

We did a pretty good job of hiding the majority of the toys...... each of the kids kept 2 or 3 out and the rest will go into a closet..... kept in reserve 'til I'm desperate some rainy day. My cousin who has twins 14 months older than the 'lil Dubya told me that she's returning a lot of the presents her kids got -- but, I just can't bring myself to do that...... so, I'll just rotate them in and out of the closet.

Santa brought the kids one big toy to share and then a few smaller supplemental items. One thing that the Dubya and I didn't anticipate was that our Type-A, anal nature would compel us to spend more time with their kitchen than they do. See, the 'lill Dubyette just loves pulling all the dishes, pots and pans out and leaving them strewn all over the floor -- we end up picking them all up and then instead of just tossing them into one cabinet or whatever, we actually spend time arranging them in the cabinets, etc. -- ensuring all the food is in the refrigerator and all the dry goods are in the cabinet...... dishes are in the dish rack and the cups and the salt and pepper shakers are in their spot. It's absurd, and we keep catching each other doing it -- not to mention pulling slinky dog out of the oven twice an hour.

Oh well, for a few minutes each day...... I am treated to the sight of the 'lil Dubya and 'lil Dubyette "cooking" happily together and it makes me happy that Santa splurged for this gift that takes up too much space.

matching Baby Gap PJs courtesy of Aunt P

Belated Merry Christmas to all!


Darren said...

I used to reorganize Clare's toys after she was done playing. I finally gave up and let it be. At long as all the pieces of something are in the same area, I'm okay with it.

cape buffalo said...

That's so cute. The kitchen play set is the bomb. Kiddo loved hers and it was the most played with toy for years.

I used to find all sorts of random crap in there. You'll give up on the sorting in time.

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