December 6, 2007

Request for Prayer

This is "the" weekend..... we are going to attempt the annual Christmas Card Photo.

In the event you need a reminder of last year's fiasco..... here are a couple of the better ones... ones that almost made the cut

Fortunately, I'm not doing this 10 days post-partum like I was last year -- so although their may be some crying...... I'm hoping that it won't be uncontrollable sobbing by me. Unfortunately, I am on the wagon -- so no matter how stressful this gets -- the only comfort I'll be able to get is watching the Big Dubya get intimate with a bottle of Jameson.
I'm not sure if you all pray..... but, if you do -- please pray for me. If you don't pray, please send me positive vibes or whatever you do..... it would be really pathetic if the Dubyas had no card for the mantle


Arwen said...

I am sending you good thoughts and drinking for you.

cape buffalo said...

Is it wrong that I can't wait to see the outtake reel from this photo session?

Aunt P said...

I'm with CB. It's become the highlight of my holiday season and the thing I use to cheer myself up during the rest of the year!

Sue said...

Maybe this year the lil dubya/dubyette will surprise you and could happen!

Good luck this weekend!

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