December 17, 2007

This year's outtakes

I'm sure the Big Dubya will be posting our Christmas Card on ye 'ole mantle this year..... some of you have already received it (or are about to) the old fashioned way. I'm always very hesitant to post pictures of the kids...... I know I don't really have many readers, but.... I worry about the sickos in the world -- so, the Big Dubya and I agree to post photos only on rare occasions and because Kara asked so nicely........ some of this year's Christmas Card outtakes for your enjoyment.

The day began innocently enough..... the Big Dubya and I getting the kiddies dressed up and trying to obtain just one decent photo of them sitting/standing/kneeling/lying next to each other.... looking in the same direction and/or smiling -- because, well.... both would be too much to ask.

After a while, it became clear that a photo of the two of them was not in the cards.... so I told the Big Dubya to try to get a decent one of each of them on their own.... we'd cobble them together somehow.
Easier said than done....

She eventually cooperated...... him, not so much

After a while, the 'lil Dubyette was just fed up with his antics -- and in true Diva fashion demanded that she be allowed sit in her trailer 'til her brother was ready to behave -- a hug from Daddy would have to do....

Apparently, ruining the family Christmas Card is tiring for the 'lil Dubya.....

110 shots later and we still had nothing good enough for the Christmas Card..... so we picked the best of a bad bunch and out they went. I don't think next year's experience will be much better..... next year there will be 3 of them


Sue said...

Oh my goodness the lil Dubya's looking so big in those pictures!
Too cute.

cape buffalo said...

that is priceless.

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