December 5, 2007

Random Thoughts

I wonder how many of McDonald's breakfast customers are pregnant women who are driving to work and need carbonation in order to keep from heaving.... just wondering.
For those wondering.... my breakfast selection of choice adds up to 12 Weight Watcher Points -- but it helped me stop puking on the ride into work.


cape buffalo said...

12 points? Damn. But if your life and the life of little Kara (that's what I'm calling this one- it's my last chance- because I'm hoping it's another girl, although we all agree it's going to be another boy) depend on it, knock yourself out. After the baby comes you'll be too busy ot eat and the weight will just fall off of you.

Sue said...

See, I would add some extra points because there's two of you that need to eat now, so you're probably ok!

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