April 3, 2008

Dear Miss Stiletto

Dear Miss Stiletto --

I personally have never been accused of being fashion-forward.... so, I'm sure my little thoughts will make no sense to you, but this is my blog and I'll whine if I want to.

If you opt to wear shoes you can barely walk in to the office, may I ask that you do your teetering wobble off to the side of the corridor?

You see, some of us base our travel time on our ability to walk to meetings at a somewhat brisk pace.... and we wear appropriate shoes to accomplish this travel.

Getting stuck behind a middle-aged Barbie-doll attempting to walk in shoes that are clearly designed for hookers can really hamper my ability to get to meetings on time.

I have no problem with your new-born-Bambi learning to walk impression -- but, scoot over -- let us serious people pass you please, okay?


Above Average Joe said...

The middle-aged Barbie doll was probably in a too-short mini also, right?

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