April 17, 2008

So, you basically have to tell your boss... and the world... that you had sex

One of the parts of pregnancy that I never really thought about until the time came was the fact that I had to walk into my bosses office and tell him that I was indeed expecting. This is in no way a slam on any of my bosses, they were all nothing short of wonderful and supportive...... but it's still odd to discuss the results of something very private with someone that you have a somewhat formal relationship with.

When I was expecting the 'lil man, I was working for a terrific guy -- he's young, handsome -- not sure he's somebody I'd date, but I'd definitely be friends with him..... he'd be a great guy to go have beers with -- so, I had to go into his office and tell him that yes, I did indeed have sex.... it's just odd discussing something so personal.

When I was expecting the 'lil lady, I was working for another terrific guy -- he's older, divorced with no kids -- but from a large family with a bunch of sisters. He too would be a great guy to go drinking with and he was unbelievably understanding and supportive -- but, uhm yeah -- had to walk into his office and tell him that yes, we did the deed.

My current boss -- once again -- awesome guy -- but the first word that always comes to mind when I think of him is "proper". He's perfectly pressed, never uses a foul word -- he's married with two kids but you just know that they were immaculate conceptions -- he's just too reserved for it to have happened any other way. So, this one was tough.... but, yeah I had to tell him too.

I suppose pregnancy is odd that way -- it takes something that is typically rather private and puts it on the billboard that is your mid-section for 9 months. The Dads.... they can walk down the street and nobody knows..... but the mothers -- yeah, everybody they encounter knows just what they've been up to.


Arwen said...

I got pregnant from having sex? Darn it, I guess abstinence only sex ed really doesn't work.
I was more uncomfortable telling my family than my work...

C Nem said...

I know how you feel, I was more uncomfortable telling my dad than anyone else. Up to that moment he could just speculate that we had done the deed, but as soon as I told him he would be a grandad....I knew, he knew we had done it.

cape buffalo said...

My dad still doesn't know.

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