April 1, 2008

Dear Orlando International Airport

An open letter to Orlando International Airport from Mrs Big Dubya:

Dear MCO,

You suck!

Get your act together.

Mrs Big Dubya


An airport that is in such close proximity to Walt Disney World should be better equipped to handle families with small children...... MCO is not.

On Friday morning, we left our Walt Disney Resort on the 8:50am Magical Express. For those who travel to Disney, the Magical Express is a fabulous service that I highly recommend. We grumbled a bit because our flight wasn't until noon..... 8:50 seemed a bit early, but -- we stuck with the resorts recommendation -- and thank God we did.

Shortly before arriving at the airport, the 'lil Dubyette let out a small cough -- which was followed by a bout of projectile vomit that jettisoned her entire breakfast which consisted of yogurt and fruit. The Big Dubya acted fast and managed to clean up the mess -- but her outfit and my shirt were casualties that were beyond the power of mere baby wipes.

Once off the Magical Express, we found a bench and pulled whatever outfit we could out of the luggage -- she didn't match, but she was clean.... sorta.

We got in line to check our bags and waited 45 minutes...... 45 minutes is absurd especially when you've already got your boarding passes. This is a domestic flight....... UGH

We then proceeded to the security check point where we waited close to an hour..... an hour? are you kidding me? And, let's be honest -- this is Orlando -- everyone has at least one child with them. Fortunately, our kids were unbelievably cooperative -- but that's not the point. Every time we fly through MCO it's the same story -- if they are going to deal with this high passenger volume they ought to configure and staff accordingly.

If anyone knows a time of day that's better at MCO -- please let me know. We've got another trip planned in August/September and I'd like to avoid a repeat of this disaster.


Brandi said...

That sounds just like Denver. We always get there 2 hours early, and we always end up at our gate minutes before boarding. You'd think we'd have learned by now to get there even earlier, but no. We spend half our time at the baggage check-in getting our boarding passes, and the other half waiting in the security line. The worst is that they make you use those horrible computers to check in and there's always something wrong, so we have to try to get the attention of the 3 actual people they have that can help. The huge line behind us loves that! On our last flight, they had Abby sitting by herself a few rows back!

Sue said...

It's been hit or miss for us the last couple times we've been through MCO. It seems to be feast or famine - either a huge security line (perhaps because they only have a few checkpoints open??) or minimal lines with a long wait at the gate.

Welcome back!

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