July 11, 2006

Go Ahead, Name Our Baby

Let's start with what we know..... We are expecting a baby.

Now, we'll share what we don't know... we don't know what flavor of baby we are having...... I mean, we aren't going to find out the sex.

We also do not know what we are going to name the baby..... we have no boys name... we have no girls name (we didn't have a girls name the last time either... luckily we didn't end up needing one).

So, Mrs Big Dubya is officially accepting suggestions.

The guidelines are as follows:
1. Must be spellable
2. Must be pronounceable
3. Must not be in the Top 100 names over the past 5 years
4. We tend to like Irish names.... but it's not required
5. Biblical is okay too....

You all should be honored that I'm seeking your assistance.... I thought about selling the right to name the baby on eBay..... this could be a revenue generator, but I opted to turn to you guys instead.


Brandi said...

I wanted to name our daughter Catherine, but I was talked out of it. Now I wish I had. According to the social security website, it's just missed the 100 list the last few years, but Katherine was 39 last year. Go figure. I also like Claire; that's Abby's middle name. I don't have any ideas for boys' names.

Purplemartini said...

When we were pregnant with our Son we decided we would find a boys name and a girls name that both started with the same letter. Being a complete anarchist my Husband picked the letter Z so that we could call the baby "Zed."
The names we decided on were Zacharias and Zara.
As it turned out, Zacharias is such and uncommon name that everyone calls him Zachary and that's kind of annoying.

With the baby that is due in Deceber we have taken to calling it "lil' G" because my husband is convinced it's a boy and the boy name we've chosen is Gabriel. If it's a girl it will be Katherine (Kate for short)

We were really stuck on names because my husband insisted that we give the kids his parents names for middle names so the names had to go with Cornelia and Eugene. Ugh!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

We were going to name Claudia "Marin", but Gabe said it rhymed with Ian. (I know, whatever). I also like Piper (I didn't know it was a name on "Charmed" until after I suggested it). I also love the name Chloe, but I'm guessing it's in the top 100.

Aunt P said...

What about Ella or Ellie for a girl?

Corinne said...

First off, congratulations!!!! :) Second off, I love baby names... and hubby and I are already throwing new ones around for baby #2, which won't be around for a while, but still.... some names he doesn't like that I do:

-Braxton (although the contractions are named that, eh... whatever)
-Leilani (means flower in Hawaii)
-Killian (I believe it's a german or scottish name?)
-Max (or Maximus).. but I think that's popular?
-Henry (okay, I know it sounds common, but how many boys are named Henry today??)

Arwen said...

I actually love the names Corinne, Esther, Evelyn, and Jane.
Boys are tough since I never think about stuff like that, we had a deal that if we had a girl I would name her and if we had a boy he would name her. I like Walker and Jeremiah.

CroutonBoy said...

Part of the reason it took us so long to name Cheeky is that we had a hard time staying focused on real names instead of fun ones. But maybe one of the ones we came up with will appeal:

1) Gimli
2) Major Tom
3) Balar
4) Luigi
5) Guinness
6) Aspartame
7) Dubyasaurus Rex
8) Lumpy

Kara said...

Eva and Lena are my fav. girls' names. Hubby put the kibosh on both... hence, Maggie.

Mags would have been Liam had she been born with different equipment. Fletcher is a family name we like quite a bit, but you gotta be a cool cat to live up to a name like Fletch (Dr. Rosenrosen). I like Ezra, too. I have a cousin in Ireland named Paddy (isn't that required?) and another named Cathal- which I adore, but it fails the pronounciation test... which is why Mags' middle name is spelled Ania and not Aine.

I tend not to like the Irish "een" names... but that's just me.

Kara works well for a boy or girl.

Sue said...

We had some Irish names chosen when we had Clare (D thinks his family is Irish and one hates to disillusion him).We also wanted a name that sounded good when shouted in a bar and as a Supreme Court Justice (ok - we're silly like that).

For boys, we liked: Padraig, Ethan (probably too popular now), Elias, Matthew, Luke, Noah, Theodore and Daniel.

For girls: Clare, Katharine (Kate), Elliott (Ellie), Caroline, Zoe, and Molly.

KristieD said...

my boyfriend wanted to name our son Duncan something feirce. I preferred Logan & thats what we ended up chosing. But Duncan is nice too...

Our girl name was Katrina. Other than that, we never really agreed on any and tossed em. So i have no real suggestions. sorry.

21 Days said...

I can give you our unused name for a boy, Anakin Lee. Yes, it's nerdy, but also quite unique.

Cobwebs said...

How spellable is "spellable?" When we were choosing baby names, we wanted the first initial to be R, so we picked Rhiannon for a girl and Rhett for a boy. (Both are of Celtic extraction.)

I also like Maeve as a girl's name.

Lori said...

I adore the name "Elliott" for a girl, my husband refused it so I ended up with Ansley Emilia instead. As for boys, I loved "Chandler" and ended up with Joseph Elijah. I do not envy the task of naming a child, my husband and I fought constantly over it, we had to compromise. Good luck!

Kara said...

Kiera. I forgot to tell you that I like that one. But it's too close to "Kara" so out it went.

LaFawnda is pretty cool, too.

I love your dad's name. Sex and the City be damned! Nobody will remember that in a few years anyway!

Melissa said...

Oh, my favorite game...My youngest would have been Ian if she'd been a boy.

Sarah, I am cracking up...Piper is one of my favorites.

Anyway onto your question, Girls: Alana, Cara, Aslyn, Brianna, Keira (whle not popular now, it may become popular soon because of Keira Knightly), Kylie, Quinlin, & Mackenzie.

Boys: Brendan, Colin, Callam, Dillon, Nolan, Beckett & Tristan.

Best I could do...hope it helps.

Teresa said...

For a girl:


For a boy:

Jennifer S. said...

I'm 31.5 weeks pregnant and my husband and I are also indecisive.

We know we are having a boy. His suggestions so far are Galen or Vladimir.

My suggestions are Nathaniel or Ezekiel.

We have a few other suggestions as well but they are on the top 100 for the past few years.. like Alexander, Benjamin and Jonathan.

For a girl, we had discussed Lillian. Lily for short.

Good Luck.

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