July 7, 2006

Not all I dreamed it would be

We live in an amazing country.... I mean, is there anything that isn't available to us?

The one thing that amazes me is that despite all that is available to us... we focus on what isn't. I'm thinking specifically of the various retail chains. I remember when WalMart first came to our area -- I was psyched.... I'd been to WalMart when I visited Texas and couldn't wait 'til we got one. I mean where better to get your cleaning supplies and toiletry stuff -- same with Target. I'd been to Target when I was in Colorado and hoped they'd open one near home -- eventually they did.... and I mean seriously, is there anything that you can't get at Target?

Same is true for food chains -- they are very regional. When the Big Dubya and I hit the Boston area, very often we hit Papa Ginos for some pizza..... when my friend comes home to the northeast from Colorado -- two of her first stops are for Dunkin' Donuts and for a D'Angelo's sub -- 'cause she can't get those where she lives. Aunt P heads right for Steak 'N Shake as soon as her plane touches down in Florida.

Well, for years I'd heard all about Cold Stone Creamery..... I'd even saw the company profiled on the FoodNetwork -- I couldn't wait to try this place. I love, love, love ice-cream and this was supposedly the best to be had. The Big Dubya and I were in Arizona with some friends for Thanksgiving last year and across the street from the hotel..... yep, there it was a Cold Stone Creamery.... right next to another of our favorites.... Red Robin.

Sadly, I went -- and it was just okay..... actually, I didn't even like it. When I told my friends who are big CSC fans, they said it must have been what I ordered -- I just had to give it a second chance. So, last week -- I saw that one had opened here in CT -- so I went on my lunch break and got a small cup of ice-cream -- and again..... it just wasn't good. I guess I'm just a Dairy Queen girl through and through.


Brandi said...

Coldstone became big in California about the time I moved away. I was so excited to find them here in CO, but I wasn't blown away either. We have another chain that's basically the same concept, called Maggie Moo's, that's much better. Now I want some ice cream!

Kara said...

I do love coldstone- we went to one yesterday. I LOVE the cake batter ice cream. Love. it. But I really go for their "sinless" ice cream- no fat, no sugar, and, remarkably, it still manages to taste like ice cream.

If I had to choose between Coldstone and DQ- I'd go DQ. Nothing says summer like standing in line outside the DQ window.

And I have to find me a Maggie Moo t-shirt. That's one of the kiddo's nicknames!

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