July 31, 2006

Public Service Announcement

I know, I know..... I'm a bad, bad blogstress......

Anyway, I thought I'd interrupt all of this not-blogging with a public service announcement.

Town Fair Tire is the best company on earth!

Last Thursday, I was on my way home and my low-tire-pressure light came on. Yes, I'm a typical girl and was very annoyed that I was too far away from home to just let the Big Dubya deal with it. So, I stopped at a gas station -- looked around to see if there was some strappin' fella to notice me, the six-month-pregnant woman with low tire pressure..... but alas, there was nobody there to offer assistance, so I went to fill the tire myself. Sadly, I couldn't get the little screw thing off the tire -- it was metal and had sorta rusted on there. So, back in the car I got and stopped at Town Fair Tire -- sheepishly went inside and asked the man if he could put air in my tire for me. There was no snicker, no making me feel bad about myself -- just asked me to pull the car up to the bay and he'd send someone right out.

The guy filled my tire and thanked me for coming in! That's right -- no ridicule for not doing it myself AND no charge!

By the time I got home, there was a hissing sound coming out of the tire -- it was going to need repair. The Big Dubya took it off for me and on Friday morning the 'lil man and I set out to get it repaired. Because the fellows were so nice to me at Town Fair, I decided to go back there (albeit a different location). I got there first thing in the morning -- and explained to the guy that my flat tire was in the back of the car and that I'd like to get it fixed and put back on. He went outside, checked it out and told me they'd take care of it right away. While we waited, we had two guys come out to play with the 'lil man -- and when they were done -- I was shocked..... they thanked me for coming in and again, no charge.

Here's the thing, I hadn't bought the tire there.... had never bought a tire there..... yet, they took care of me like I was a life-long customer.

You know what? it worked -- I've told everyone I've talked to recently about what great service I got and when I do need tires..... that'll be my first stop.


Kara said...

I love it when that kind of stuff happens!

Mamacita Tina said...

Excellent! Somebody knows what they're doing by instructing their workers to be so courteous and offering such great service. Little things like that sure make a big difference in our lives.

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