July 3, 2006

Items that I love, but are way too expensive

Yes, I know.... I've been a really bad blogstress lately, but..... I'm back and promise to be better.

To begin with.... I've decided to highlight some diaperbag necessities that I've come to rely on but are wayyyyyy too expensive when you consider what it is you are getting.

First, Baby Orajel Teething Swaps...... these things are great for the diaper bag. If you're 'lil man's like ours and decides to get his four top front teeth all at once...... sometimes you need something to help ease the discomfort.... teething rings, frozen face cloths.... all those are great, but sometimes you need more. If you are in the car, or away from home -- using one of these is so much easier (and more hygienic) than trying to put your finger in the 'lil one's mouth. But, when you consider the fact that it's just a Q-tip with some orajel inside...... HELLO -- OVERPRICED! CVS is charging between $8-10 for a pack of 12..... Target usually has 'em for somewhere between $4-$5 -- still too much, but.......

Next, Huggies makes these disposable changing pads -- they are great. I know, I know -- all diaper bags come with re-useable changing pads that are perfectly fine -- but these are smaller, take up less space and they are disposable (again, more hygienic). The only downside is that they are kind of hard to find and that when you can find them..... they are a bit expensive when you consider what you are getting...... OVERPRICED!

Lastly, our 'lil man loves, loves, loves to feed himself -- yet, he doesn't understand the concept of a plate. He wants to pick it up too -- so we have to put food on the table in front of him. Restaurants aren't very clean -- so these little place mat things are awesome -- but Babies R Us charges something around $9 for a pack of 20 -- c'mon people it's the equivalent of a sheet if Seran Wrap -- OVERPRICED

But alas, they all make my life easier....... so, I buy 'em.


Brandi said...

I bought this portable placemat at ToysRUs, and it's great. It rolls up small, so it easily fits in the diaper bag, and is so easy to clean. Plus, it costs about as much as one pack of those disposable placemats. Here's the link. http://www.onestepahead.com/product/85203/307765/117.html

Brandi said...

My link was too long and it got cut off. Here it is again: http://tinyurl.com/l5alg

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