July 14, 2007


We've got rules people......

I know that some rules are meant to be broken, but others just aren't.
As mentioned before, Aunt P and I are in Dublin for our cousin's wedding reception. The party is tonight, so we arrived yesterday and will head home on Monday. We flew out Thursday night and landed Friday morning -- around 7:45am Irish time (2:45 Boston time).

Thankfully our hotel let us check in early and we took a great nap -- would have taken a shower, but there were no towels (story for another post).

After our nap we decided to go explore a little -- but it was pouring rain. So, we opted to grab lunch in the lobby bar instead -- hoping the weather would clear in a bit. Of course, we had a beer or two as well -- Aunt P had one of these, while I stuck with one of these (this is an actual photo of our beers). It's cute that they put your beer in the appropriate glass (they had no Kilkenny ones clean, so Aunt P had to compromise).

And this is where we witnessed the egregious offense.

Back the story up a bit, for years the only American beer you could get in Ireland was Budweiser and maybe MGD -- interestingly enough, light beer hadn't really caught on -- still hasn't.

But, a few years ago while I was here (the Big Dubya and I were still dating) Coors Light was introduced -- and it has become wildly popular (it's one of the only light beers you can find in Ireland). Anyway, lots of girls drink Coors Light over here. Now, I like Coors Light (probably more than the average person) but when I'm in Ireland..... it's just wrong to drink American beer -- so, I opt for Carlsberg, Smithwicks, Heineken or of course Guinness. Guinness is a good choice because it is supposed to be served at room temperature -- seems like cold is a tough thing to achieve in beverages over here -- but we are going to the Guinness brewery today, so I figured I'd save my Guinness enjoyment for our trip to the mother ship, St. James Gate.

Anyway, yesterday we were sitting in the bar enjoying our beer & deep fried food (sausage & chips.... the had no curry) and someone ordered a Bulmers and a Coors Light...... ON ICE!!!

Yes, they poured their cider and their beer into glasses of ice. We also witnessed people drinking wine on ice -- Aunt P and I were horrified...... beer over ice? how could you do such a thing?


TastesLikeCrazy said...

I can't imagine having beer or wine over ice. That's a bit weird.
How's the trip going? (other than being stinky from now shower)

cape buffalo said...

I've seen that, too! WTF?! No, seriously, WTF???

PS- I can't het your read more links to work. :(

Jenn said...

I agree complete blasphemy!!! I mean ewwwww. Know what that does? That leaves you with watered down beer by the end of your glass. And SERIOUSLY? does Coors Light need to be any MORE watered down? I think NOT.

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