July 13, 2007

Life from Dublin, Ireland

So, all went as planned....

A couple of minor glitches in meeting up with my dad, a.k.a. Grandad (we were supposed to meet him at the bar in front of security.... he was at the bar at the gate).

Thumbs up to Aer Lingus..... they've got some fancy new planes -- they've got these little TVs in the back of the headrest (a la Jet Blue) so that helped pass the time quite nicely.

It's raining here..... and looks like it will be for the next couple of days (bummer)

Aunt P's lying in bed reading some trashy romance novel.... I'm gonna get her to come get fatty food with me -- nobody does fried food like the Irish :)


Kara said...

have a curry chip (or 5- who am I kidding- have 20) for me ;)

Sue said...

The closest I've been to Irish cuisine is dinner at Raglan Road in Downtown Disney, so I'll take your word for it that it's good.

Have a Guinness (ok, Harp, I'm a wussy) for me! Enjoy your time in Ireland!

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