July 24, 2007

Now, Why is this breaking news?

Back on September 13th, 2001 -- I signed up to get breaking news emailed to me, I'm sure a lot of you did too. I was working in a high rise in downtown Boston, right across the street from the hotel where the terrorists stayed the night before the attacks -- we were evacuated many times in the coming weeks and I couldn't get enough news.... internet, newspaper, TV, radio.... I was a news-junkie.
In the days and weeks that followed, these news alerts brought information about the plots, the bravery of the passengers, the heroes that helped the injured, the dead, those left behind mourning. This was news I didn't want to miss -- I was an American and the nation needed to hurt together, mourn together and heal together..... news helped me feel like part of that process.
Even now, I get the pop-up window of a News Alert in my inbox and my heart sinks..... oh no, what now? Good God, please don't let it be another attack.
And then I go to check my email and I learn about something f'ing stupid.
To: Fox, MSNBC, CNN, etc.
From: Mrs Big Dubya
RE: Breaking News Emails
Declaration of War or a break out of Peace IS Breaking News
Paris Hilton getting sent home from prison because of a tummy ache IS NOT Breaking News
Outbreak of the Plague IS Breaking News
The Paternity Test of Anna Nicole's Baby IS NOT Breaking News
The Boston Red Sox Winning the World Series IS Breaking News
A-Rod cheating on his wife IS NOT Breaking News

Now, stop sending me nonsense news alerts or I'm going to have to cancel you!


Arwen said...

Read Fame Junkies by Jake Halpern (I read bits of it and heard an interview).
Very interesting stuff. He writes about the audience needing it as much as the news sources wanting to spout it.

cape buffalo said...

I can't believe Lindsay Lohan gets her wom breaking news ping. I'm used to seeing her on the crawler but not worthy of an entire update!

cape buffalo said...

that would be own, not wom. I keep telling myself I'll get better at this typing thing, but I never do.

TastesLikeCrazy said...

As a devout viewer of cable news, I thought that I was going to shoot myself in the face when the whole Anna Nicole Smith "thing" was going on.

Anonymous said...

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Jenn said...

I totally agree.......that is bullshit and I can't stand it either. I watch CNN at lunch time in the cafeteria and I'm shocked at the things that they report about. I'm like, SERIOUSLY? This is CNN???!?!?!? I almost thought I was watching Access Holywood!

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