July 11, 2007

Wanted -- One Good Bra

So, that's all I want.... one good bra.

I'm not a large woman, so this bra doesn't have to wonder or perform a miracle.... it doesn't need to stand up on it's own or provide bullet proof protection -- just something simple, something washable, something comfortable.....

I went to Victoria's Secret this morning..... first time in several years -- and all they had were these foam monstrosities.

These things were so big and thick..... they wouldn't fit inside my clothes -- AND they were $50!!!!

$50 for ONE bra


Aunt P said...

I thought you found one you liked? But yeah, they really are expensive!

TastesLikeCrazy said...

I'm with Aunt P, I thought that you found one.
I say fork over the $ and get a good bra. I would just wait until they have a sale and then go crazy.

cape buffalo said...

I hate spending more on underwear than I do on my outside-the-underwear clothing, but I truly believe that a good bra, like good shoes, are worth the extra money. PS- all that foam keeps you from looking aroused all summer when the AC at your office is set to anarctic.

And I should know.

Mamacita Tina said...

I try on bras, like them, buy them, and within weeks hate them. Why is it so difficult to find a good bra?

Above Average Joe said...

Mrs. Joe found Gap Body's are very comparable to VS & half the price.

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